Our Challenge

Our team aspires to have
the warmest hospitality in the world.

At Narita International Airport,
we started out providing airport handling for ANA’s regular international routes
from nothing and fought to overcome struggles.
Then and today, we focus each and every moment on getting the flight in the air,
sending it safely off and welcoming it back.

Our journey in pursuit of safety, on-time performance and hospitality has no end.
This is why we agilely combine our expertise, resourcefulness and skills together—
so that we can get over any hurdle we encounter.
We will realize our dream of delivering the world’s best airport handling.

No matter how the times change, unrivaled teamwork
can make results even beyond imagination possible.
If that’s the case,
we will engage with our colleagues while showing them
the greatest respect and warmth in the world.

Come to NRT and create joy together with us.

Concept Movie
Concept Movie
Field of challenge

The world of the international airline market

Narita International Airport is the largest international hub airport in Japan. More than 10 million customers annually arrive and depart from Narita, which regularly attracts attention from around the world. At NRTAS, we have continued to provide world-class services and hospitality as the leader of the ANA Group’s international airline business. With our Narita Pride as evidence of our confidence and self-respect, we will set out to exceed expectations today as well, surpassing ourselves today so that we can spread our wings to new heights in the ever-changing international airline market.

Field of Challenge
Field of Challenge
Rivals to challenge

We are our rivals

We always have our sights set on hub airports around the world. Confident that our skills and abilities are developed in competition, we do not shy away from competing with rivals. We take one step forward and then another. Safety, hospitality, efficiency and teamwork—there is still so much we can do. Today as well, we will surpass our limitations and create more ANA and Narita Airport fans.

Rivals to challenge
We are our rivals
Skills to challenge

Heights of airport handling skills

With our advanced international airline handling skills, many foreign airlines entrust their airport operations including passenger services and ground handling at Narita Airport to NRTAS. We provide detailed and attentive passenger service, safe and swift aircraft services, and careful and efficient vehicle maintenance, which we have been improving upon for nearly 40 years. With a foundation in the know-how and skills that have been passed down to us, we put the spirit of Japanese hospitality into all that we do. We are the face of Japan and will be the face of the world. With NRTAS quality, we will make the NRTAS name more famous around the world.

Skills to challenge
Skills to challenge
World Map

Leading ANA’s international flight operations, NRTAS is aiming for new heights.
NRTAS will create the new era.