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NRTAS’ greatest asset is its people. In addition to flexible work hours, leave programs and other benefits, we also offer a wide range of programs, trainings and seminars to improve your skills and advance your career. We are committed to accommodating each employee’s lifestyle while also accommodating the needs of the times and creating a comfortable and reassuring workplace for all employees.

NRTAS’ human resource model

At NRTAS, we engage in three types of human resource development to deliver the greatest value for all of our customers.
Based on the belief that employees should be the ones charting their own career path, we encourage employees to exercise autonomy over their career by showing initiative in their work and improving their skills through engaged efforts. This is the basis of career development at NRTAS.


Ground Professionals

Human resources that lead organizations based on their operational skills, with advanced, specialized knowledge and understanding of the overall flow of ground operations


Administrative Experts

Human resources able to support business management to achieve ANA Group and NRTAS medium-term policy


Airport Operations Experts

Human resources able to coordinate employee roles and perform overall airport operations to lead the ANA Group in the future

Career paths after joining NRTAS

We provide HR development for young, mid-career, experienced and senior employees from a mid- to long-term career perspective.
When you join NRTAS in a specialized profession, you will gain an advanced level of knowledge and experience as a division expert from the department of your initial assignment.

*1 Chief: Team leader
*2 Assistant manager: Lead multiple groups or staff equivalent to multiple groups, assist the manage
Specialized positions: Gain an advanced level of knowledge and experience as division experts from the department of their initial assignment
Integrated positions: Gain a wide range of experience through transfer and relocation to multiple internal and external departments, based on division specialization

HR System

The HR system is designed to accommodate diverse work modes

HR program for diverse career development

Training Programs



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