Diversity, Equity & Inclusion





ANA Group’s DEI

In a rapidly changing global environment, the ANA Group promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, in order to achieve sustainable growth, new value creation, and to contribute to a better society and life.

Our DEI initiatives in the ANA Group

In the ANA Group, we respect diversity in terms of age, nationality, gender, values, and disabilities, and we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where each individual can work with vitality and enthusiasm.

3 elements of DEI

nationality, religion, cultural background, generation, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, values, experience, working style etc.
support based on one’s diversity/ fair challenge opportunities
understanding of individual differences, awareness of the importance of each other’s support as a team

We respect the diversity of our employees and strive to contribute to a better society by creating a workplace where everyone can play an active role.

Initiatives for creating an inclusive workplace

Programs to support balancing work and private life

Main initiatives

Information session about leave and returning to work
We hold informational briefings about company programs and the required preparations as a way to explain pregnancy leave programs and the procedures and benefits after the birth of a child as well as to support balancing work and parenting after returning to work.
Parenting exchange meeting
We have set up a exchange meeting for mothers at NRTAS to help lessen their worries about returning to work from parenting leave. Meetups are held for employees on parenting leave to get together and exchange information, for mothers with older children to share their experience and things that helped them balance shift work and parenting, and so on.

Company programs

We are creating conditions to support employees raising children and providing nursing care for family members.

Parenting leave program
Employees are able to take leave for as long as up to the end of the month in which their child turns three years old.
Nursing care leave program
Employees can take leave for up to a total of 365 days to provide nursing care to a family member that requires it.
Spouse relocation leave program
Employees can take a maximum of three years of leave when accompanying their spouse on a job transfer.
Shortened work hours
Employees with a child up to the sixth year of elementary school and employees providing nursing care for a family member that requires it can choose either a five-hour or a six-hour workday.
Shortened work days
Employees with a child up to the sixth year of elementary school and employees providing nursing care for a family member that requires it can choose shortened workdays with either 150 days or 193 days of holidays.
Overtime work exemption
Limitation/night work exemption
Pregnant employees, employees with a child not yet in elementary school, and employees providing nursing care for a family member that requires it can receive an exemption or limitation on overtime work and an exemption on night work.


Awareness-raising activities

  • Ally activities
    *Allies are people who take an interest in the situation of sexual minorities, deepen their own understanding and offer support
  • Learning opportunities are provided to all employees / executives / managers
  • Awareness-raising activities during Pride month


We are creating conditions that respect sexual diversity.

LGBTQ-related programs
Recognition of same-sex partners as spouses
Recognition of children of same-sex partners
Explicit prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment rules

External recognition

  • Awarded Gold in the PRIDE Index, a performance index of LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts at workplaces

Cross-cultural initiatives

Employees with diverse nationalities, cultures and backgrounds are playing active roles at NRTAS.

1 employee
43 employee
South America
4 employee
※Data as of February, 2024

Initiatives for employment of people with disabilities

All ANA Group companies hire people with disabilities not because of legal requirements, but because it is the natural responsibility of a socially-conscious public enterprise and because these employees are valuable assets to the Group.
Therefore it is important that all Group employees possess a correct understanding of disabilities and the diversity of people with disabilities. By implementing the following policies, our goal is to create a vibrant, dynamic organization where each employee can work with confidence and pride, and reach his or her full potential.

  1. All employees will make our best effort to alleviate inconveniences in the workplace for those with disabilities.
  2. We will fully appreciate one another and respect each person’s individuality. Employees with disabilities will be free to communicate their needs to their colleagues, and will help those they work with to gain a better understanding from those around them.
  3. We will focus on what our employees can do, rather than what they cannot do.
  4. The ANA Group believes that each employee, regardless of his or her disability, is indispensable to the success of the business. Therefore we will provide opportunities to all employees to be successful.
No. of employees with disabilities
Employment rate of people with disabilities

*Data as of June 1, 2023, based on a report of the status of employment of people with disabilities