ESG management and contributions

The ANA Group pursues ESG management that considers the environment, society and governance from a global and long-term perspective transcending the boundaries of the group. In this way, we contribute to resolving environmental and social issues through our businesses and continue to create value that will be an indispensable part of society in the future.

We conduct ESG activities through ANARITA (a name combining ANA and NARITA), which is made up of 14 ANA Group companies in the Narita area.

What is ANARITA?

Through building goodwill and teamwork among ANA Group companies in the Narita area, ANARITA seeks to provide customers with world-class quality and contribute to the Narita community, where the ANA Group has been welcomed, and everyone in it.

Main activities

Participation in community events

We participate in and help with local festivals held throughout the year, deepening our engagement with people in the community. As an established, dedicated member of the community, we strive to build community vitality by helping create excitement and fun at festivals.

Narita Sangyou Festival (selling merchandise)
Furusato Tako town Hydrangea Festival (selling merchandise)
Shibayama Haniwa Festival (selling merchandise)
Heiwa-daito Festival at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (participating as dancers)
Nartisan Mitama Festival and Bon Dance Festival (participating as dancers)
Narita Pop Run Marathon event (water station volunteers)

Activities to increase customer satisfaction

As part of providing world-class quality, ANA Group employees in the Narita area team up to regularly hold events to increase customer satisfaction when seasonal and other events are happening.

Honolulu flight send-off event
Anniversary event to celebrate first flight of the third “Flying Honu”
Valentine’s Day send-off event

Aviation Class

NRTAS holds Aviation Class for elementary, junior high and high school students in Chiba Prefecture. We will continue giving students opportunities to experience NRTAS’ safety-first mindset and professional skills so that they are inspired by and dream of the aviation industry and aircraft.

Aviation Class (visits to nearby schools)
Work experience class for children
Hands-on aviation class at the airport

Social welfare activities

Every year, we participate in annual social events with residents of social welfare facilities located near the airport, Central Community Chest of Japan (Red Feather) fundraising, and awareness-raising activities organized by local governments. We conduct a wide range of activities that include suggestions from employees.

Seasonal events at welfare facilities
ANA Santa Claus event at a special needs schools
Gifting Lillies of the Valley to Red Cross Society hospitals

Community clean-ups

In cooperation with local governments near the airport, ANA Group employees in the Narita area clean up and beautify the Narita airport vicinity and nearby neighborhoods every year. These activities deepen relationships with nearby residents and have become fun opportunities for employees.

Yokoshibahikari town beach clean-up
Cleaning up streets around the airport
Pruning hydrangeas at Sogo Reido temple

Environmental activities

Workplaces are making a number of innovations to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. ANA will continue to proactively help solve environmental problems as a leading airline group in the environmental field.

PET plastic bottle lid collection
Electric vehicles
Recycling machine for used vehicle engine oil
Regular flight service using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Other activities to deepen employee’s engagement

To create world-class quality together with colleagues, we conduct activities throughout the year that foster mutual understanding and team cohesion among ANA Group employees in the Narita area.

Tours of other workplaces
ANA Group Sports Festival in Narita Area

Supplier code of conduct

The ANA Group Supplier Code of Conduct has been established as guidelines that all suppliers of ANA Group services and products are required to comply with, together with the ANA group.

Social responsibility guidelines

To further strengthen the foundation for ESG management, the ANA Group has established Social Responsibility Guidelines as shared guidelines that all Group employees must follow, including fixed-term contract employees, employees on temporary transfer, part-time and temporary employees.