Ground Handling Services





Ground Handling Services

We handle outsourced services for aircraft ground support operations, from aircraft towing/pushback and marshalling to aircraft services as well as aircraft cabin and exterior cleaning. We also provide a full range of handling services for air cargo entrusted to us by shippers, from receiving to loading, unloading and pick-up.

Business Description

Aircraft towing and pushback

Since aircraft cannot move backward on their own, the pushback procedure is used to move aircraft to a taxi-ready position using a towing tug.The operators you see waving to the aircraft during departure are sending passengers their wishes for a safe and comfortable flight. Towing refers to the work to move aircraft around the ramp.


The position where aircraft stop affects the work of attaching the passenger boarding bridge and fueling after arrival. This work to guide aircraft safely and precisely to their stopped position is critical work synonymous with ground handling. It requires close coordination with other staff monitoring both wings of the aircraft as well as prudent decision-making. 

Loading and unloading

A lot of different cargo is loaded onto aircraft. We also handle specialized cargo, which sometimes even includes cars and animals. We operate various specialized vehicles corresponding to the type of aircraft and use anchoring devices to ensure that cargo does not move around inside aircraft. Our mission is to ensure on-time departures as well as prompt, reliable delivery of the cargo to the receiver.

Cabin cleaning

ANA’s cabin cleaning services have earned an outstanding reputation around the world. Cleaning is performed by highly skilled staff based on the attention to detail emblematic of Japanese hospitality, such as keeping various amenities ready in pockets. We also provide the same level of quality service for overseas airlines making a quick turnaround.
ANA has been named the World’s Cleanest Airline in the World Airline Awards by SKYTRAX.

Baggage handling

At NRTAS, we treat each checked bag as our “customer” and handle them with care so that they safely reach their destination. We employ a range of innovations every day to ensure that departing baggage incurs no damage and arriving baggage can be picked up by passengers as soon as possible.

Aircraft services

Lots of different aircraft from various countries fly into Narita. We provide fueling and wastewater services, aircraft cleaning and snow removal among other operations, customized for the type of aircraft. When mooring aircraft at spots not adjacent to a  terminal, we can also transport passengers and crews using our own shuttle buses.