Message From The President





ANA Narita Airport Services Co., Ltd.
Koji Oka, President

Narita International Airport’s business environment

ANA Narita Airport Services (NRTAS) handles general airport business operations, including handling operations for ANA Group flights as well as for overseas airlines, at Narita International Airport. After recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, international air travel demand globally is projected to grow over the long term, together with economic growth in East Asia. To prepare for the expansion of demand for international flights , a phased expansion of functions is being planned at Narita Airport. This Narita Airport framework represents a growth opportunity for us, and we will create an exciting future by our own hand while viewing this change as an opportunity. With safety always as our top priority, we will pursue customer comfort and convenience to provide even better service to customers. Realizing our management vision of “We challenge to the top of the world with NARITA’s professional pride!!” is only possible with the support of our customers and everyone in the community. Together with all of you, we intend to make bold strides toward a bright future for all.

Valued ties with the community

Many of our employees live in the community of Narita, and the belief that our business is made possible with the support of everyone in the community runs through all that we do. Contributing to this community is our corporate responsibility, and employees’ active participation in community activities such as volunteer efforts and local festivals also leads to their personal growth. As a company, we intend to continue our community engagement.

Growth of the company and human capital development

Our human capital development policy is focused on multidimensional skills and is designed to achieve growth for NRTAS as a company that creates new values and is competitive globally. Leveraging the skills and know-how we have built up over many years, we intend to have more employees that are highly knowledgeable in general airport operations and prepared to handle future changes in the business environment, and more employees with enhanced people skills through gaining a wide range of knowledge and experience including through temporary transfer to other companies. This represents an opportunity to further enhance our strengths as a comprehensive handling company in addition to opportunities for employees to be stationed at overseas airports, launch handling operations at overseas airports, perform airport management, and be temporarily transferred within the ANA Group. We value a corporate spirit of challenge and freedom as we look to the future, not only in terms of handling operations at Narita International Airport but also to develop human capital active on the world stage. Providing employees with opportunities to make proposals and plans themselves and encouraging employees’ personal growth also leads to growth for the company. We have set up a variety of programs that call for ideas and applications by employees, and through them I hope that our employees build up a lot of experience from a young age.